Report: Cavs won’t give Thompson max, but would increase offer


Tristan Thompson wants a five-year max contract. He’s willing to accept a three-year max contract.

Chris Haynes of

The Cavaliers view both of the offers the same: They aren’t interested. However, they are willing to up their five-year, $80-million offer, sources informed Northeast Ohio Media Group, but to what extent is unknown at this time.

The Cavaliers reportedly increased their offer to reach five years, $80 million. Earlier this month, they were reportedly holding firm on that.

But if they’re willing to bend again, maybe Thompson will meet them in the middle.

With a few days before Thompson’s qualifying offer is due to expire, the Cavaliers must time their next offer. Too early, and Thompson will wait for another, even better offer before the deadline. Too late, and the Cavaliers begin practicing without him.