Bucks arena delayed until 2018


The city of Milwaukee donated its share of taxpayer money to the Bucks, another crucial step in giving the team a new arena.

The Bucks have promised the new stadium will revitalize the city and provide a huge economic boon.

They also said it would open in 2017.

About that…

Bucks co-owner Mike Fascitelli, via Rich Kirchen of Milwaukee Business Journal:

“We want to be in there and play and open up the 2018 season in that arena,” Fascitelli said in response to a question on when construction will start and when the arena will open. “So that’s October of ‘18. So we’ve got to get everything ready and start construction.”

Until Fascitelli’s remarks Tuesday, Bucks executives had maintained the team still planned to break ground this year on the $500 million project. Fascitelli says the arena will take about two years to build.

“We’re shooting for the ‘17-’18 season but I’m telling you the reality is we’re going to get it in for the ‘18 (through spring 2019) season,” Fascitelli said. “Practically speaking with everything we have to get done it’s going to be difficult.”

It’s not really a big deal whether the arena opens in 2017 or 2018. The Bradley Center is fine.

But I wonder what other parts of this arrangement will fail to meet the expectations set by its supporters.