LeBron in Miami hanging with Wade, Bosh, Heat players


LeBron James has been in Miami the past few weeks, working out Cavaliers teammates and living he South Beach life for a few weeks before heading to Cleveland to chase a ring.

While there, he was hanging out with some old friends.

That’s LeBron with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Hassan Whiteside, Mario Chalmers… and Wade’s photographer.

Yes, that starting five could do a lot of damage (even if you threw in the photographer at point guard, LeBron could yell at him as easily as Chalmers). No, it doesn’t mean anything — LeBron is happy in Cleveland. That doesn’t mean he has to spend every minute there. He’s hanging out with some old friends. But go ahead in the comments and throw out your tin foil hat conspiracy theories on what this really means.