Rubio calls Gobert’s post-loss comments classless


Utah center Rudy Gobert fouled out in overtime of France’s 80-75 overtime EuroBasket loss to Spain, and that felt like the end of their chances — France was -16 when Gobert sat in this game.

Gobert was frustrated with the calls after the loss — “FIBA referees” and “consistency” are not words often put in the same sentence — and vented about it on Twitter.

Then Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio (who did not play in the tournament) called Gobert out on it.

To be fair, Rubio said good things about Nicolas Batum first.

Rubio hasn’t always been the best loser, but he’s not wrong so we’ll let that slide.

Instead, I’d like to write a little personal note to Gobert. Just between the two of us:

Sorry Rudy, you may not have liked the calls, but the reality of the situation is you got worked by Pau Gasol. It wasn’t the refs. Consider it a learning experience. Gasol’s impeccable footwork got you out of position, and then he exploited you. He also blocked three of your shots and pushed you around on the boards at times. He put up half his team’s points and you couldn’t stop him. You’re becoming one of the best defensive centers in the NBA, but veterans like Gasol can still teach you some lessons. Grow from this, and bring some of that fire to Utah when camp opens in a few weeks.