Report: Mavericks tried pulling Steve Nash from retirement this summer


The Mavericks, knowing they’d part ways with Rajon Rondo, were desperate for a point guard this offseason.

Even when their summer appeared to be going to plan – with DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews pledging to sign –  they we were weak at point guard with little money to get one.

One option Dallas pursued?

Steve Nash.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Sources said as recently as late June — when Nash played in longtime teammate Dirk Nowitzki‘s annual charity baseball game — the Dallas Mavericks were still hoping to lobby Nash to consider unretiring and reuniting with Nowitzki as a spot-duty point guard for the coming season.

The Cavaliers also expressed interest in Nash if he took a buyout from the Lakers last season, but but by the time Los Angeles waived him, it was too late for him to join a playoff roster. Not that he would have, anyway. Nash is done, and he knows it. That’s why he’s reportedly taking a player-development job with the Warriors.

It would’ve been cool to see Nash and Dirk Nowitzki to play together again, but nostalgia is a poor reason to sign a player. Dallas is better off with Deron Williams, another past-his-prime, but better, point guard.

When Williams is – by far – the younger and healthier player in the comparison, that says something about Nash.