Real Madrid president wants his team in NBA


The idea of an NBA European Division continues to fascinate. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has discussed it before. But it fascinates in the way building a colony on the moon does — it’s fun to imagine and talk about, something else entirely to do.

Now Silver is about to get pressed on it a little.

Silver will be spending some time with the Celtics when they face Real Madrid in the preseason, and the president of the prestigious club is going to ask Silver about joining the NBA, he told (hat tip r/nba).

“I would love that Real Madrid play in the NBA. Now comes the commissioner and try to talk to him,” said the leader. Real Madrid will face in early October  the Celtics at the Palace of Sports and will then match Florentino Perez David Silver to make a proposal that would be revolutionary for European basketball.

He can go ahead and present his proposal. I’m going to go ahead and present my wife with a proposal about me buying a Ferarri. These two have the same chances of success.

Silver has said there would need to be five (give or take) European teams willing to make the jump for this to work — a European division would be set up. Other powers like FC Barcelona or CSKA Moscow could join. It sounds fun on paper.

There are just the questions of the quality of facilities, are they up to NBA standards? And the travel logistics. And this complicates broadcast rights deals. And how would a playoff series between Real Madrid and the Golden State Warriors (or any other team) work exactly? And these are just the first handful of challenges.

The first thing we might see is the NBA All-Star Game head overseas down the line, to a modern arena like the O2 in London. One step at a time. Get past that and you can start to think other logistics.