Rookie Bogut had to wear diaper, sing Australian anthem

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NBA rookie hazing rituals tend to border on the embarrassing — guys having to use My Little Ponies backpacks all season — and a little physical labor, like getting donuts or carrying bags for the vets.

However, Golden State’s Andrew Bogut, speaking to GQ Australia, recounted a pretty embarrassing one.

Bogut: Once I had to dance in a nappy – a diaper – and I had to sing one song of my choice in front of the whole team.

Q: A 7-foot tall center in a diaper? Oof. What song did you choose?

Bogut: I did the Australian national anthem.  It was an easy one. I could pretty much make up words, they had no idea what I was saying.

I am glad I didn’t see this, because I could never have unseen it.