D’Angelo Russell: ‘This Lakers squad will most definitely be a playoff team’


Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell has repeatedly shown this offseason how much he has to learn.

He struggled through summer league.

He drew Kobe Bryant‘s attention by calling Tracy McGrady maybe the greatest of all time – and then doubled down by calling Lakers fans spoiled. He wasn’t necessarily wrong, but it might not have been the smartest thing to say.

Now, he’s taking the opposite approach – saying something it’s fine for him to say but is almost certainly wrong.

Russell, via Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders:

“Expectations are high,” Russell says, “but this Lakers squad will most definitely be a playoff team.”

This is taking the comments of general manager Mitch Kupchak – who said the team was capable of making the playoffs – to the next level.

Most definitely? There’s something to be said for confidence, but I think we’ll all have a good laugh over this quote in a few months.