NBA fines Markieff Morris $10,000 for expressing desire to be traded from the Suns


Markieff Morris said the Suns will trade him. Then, he tweeted it.

Though Morris hasn’t explicitly and publicly demanded a trade – a clear no-no from the NBA’s perspective – he has come close enough to draw the league’s attention.

NBA release:

Markieff Morris of the Phoenix Suns has been fined $10,000 for a public statement detrimental to the NBA, the league announced today.  The statement concerned Morris’ desire to be traded by the Suns.

This is why you rarely hear players demand trades anymore. It happens through agents and anonymous sources, allowing the player to create the necessary discord while avoiding a fine.

Perhaps, Morris could argue he was just predicting he would be traded, not demanding it. Most of his quotes are a variation of, “I am not going to be there.”

But this probably crosses the line into demanding. Morris, via Keith Pompey of The Inquirer:

“It’s just when you get to a point in your life, you just need to move on,” Markieff Morris said. “That’s what I need to do for my career, my family, myself. I just need to move on.”

The Suns might not let Morris move on, which could lead to Morris trying harder to make them unsatisfied with him. If he wants to keep his money, though, his next step won’t involve public on-the-record statements about his unhappiness.

The NBA would prefer he gripe anonymously and behind the scenes.