Report: Nets signing Dahntay Jones


Dahntay Jones‘ biggest impact the last few years was bumping Draymond Green during a postgame interview.

The Nets apparently believe the 34-year-old has something left in the tank, though.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Free-agent guard Dahntay Jones has agreed to a non-guaranteed deal with the Brooklyn Nets, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Jones will give Brooklyn 18 players, six of whom don’t have fully guaranteed salaries and are presumably fighting for the final three regular-season roster spots. The other five: Quincy Miller, Willie Reed, Donald Sloan, Markel Brown and Ryan Boatright.

Jones is easily the oldest of the group, and he doesn’t have any upside remaining. If the Nets keep him, it’s for what he can do now – not what he’ll do in a year or two.

And maybe that’s worth it. The bar for making the Eastern Conference playoffs is low, and with the right breaks, Brooklyn could qualify.

I don’t think they will, though. The Nets should be careful about jeopardizing the future for the present, even on a small scale like this.

There’s a decent chance Brooklyn is signing Jones intending only to use him as a veteran presence in training camp. Then, the Nets will keep a younger player for the regular season. That’d probably be the best course.

But Jones at least gives himself a chance to impress and make the team.