Report: Greg Oden to try out for Chinese team


Last summer, Greg Oden worked out for the Clippers. Earlier this summer, it was the Mavericks and Hornets.

Now, Oden has to prove he deserves an overseas contract.

E. Carchia of Sportando:

The former top pick of the NBA draft will have a one-week workout with Chinese team Jiangsu Kentier at the end of this month. If Oden passes the tryout he will sign a one-year contract with the Chinese club.

Oden once lamented, “I know I’m one of the biggest busts in NBA history and I know that it’ll only get worse as Kevin Durant continues doing big things.” But Oden can’t dwell on that. He must continue to live his life, unafraid of how his actions contribute to his “bust” label.

If that means a week-long tryout for a contract in China, so be it.

Hopefully, Oden finds the structure in his life that will help keep him out of trouble. Basketball could provide that structure.

Oden has played just 26 NBA games, including the playoffs, the last five seasons. Looking overseas seems like a good move for him.