Fox News considered Cavaliers’ shot-clock buzzer for Republican presidential debate


Quicken Loans Arena will host tonight’s Republican presidential debate.

The Cleveland arena, as you surely know, also hosts Cavaliers games.

That gave debate organizers a creative idea.

Ashley Parker of The New York Times (hat tip: Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie):

To keep the debate on schedule, the Fox team was also discussing a possible alternative to the usual gentle ding sound that signals that a candidate’s time has expired: the actual shot-clock buzzer used during Cleveland Cavaliers basketball games, which are played at the same arena.

“You could make it about synergy in that arena: Use the very same buzzer that LeBron James hears on the court when the shot clock runs out,” said Mr. Baier, who had come up with the idea over dinner Tuesday night at a local bistro. (“I was inspired,” he said with a smile, “by a beer.”)

That would have been much more fun – the harsh bzzzzzzz interrupting Donald Trump, et al.

But it doesn’t matter too much tonight. A buzzer or ding won’t substantially affect the debate.

My real question: Why doesn’t football use an NBA-style shot-clock buzzer for the play clock? How many times have you seen a team snap the ball after the play clock hits zero because the referee didn’t notice in time? Why force him to look up at a clock when a buzzer could aid his call?