Gregg Popovich expects Tim Duncan to play the “same boring game” as usual


For almost two decades, the Spurs have been clinically dominant. They’ve won five titles since 1999, anchored by one of a handful of the greatest players ever in Tim Duncan and one of the three of four best coaches of all time in Gregg Popovich. Throughout that time, the Spurs have been called “boring” by fans and the media, because of their dependable excellence and consistency. Even Popovich agrees with that assessment, but it gets results.

Here’s what Popovich said in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s NBA channel, when asked what he expects out of Duncan in his 19th season with the Spurs:

“Same boring game. He’s going to come to the game, he’s going to score ‘x’ number of points and ‘x’ number of rebounds. He’s going to lead, he’s going to tell me what to do during the game and then we’re going to go home. It’s going to be the same routine as usual.”

That sounds about right. Duncan showed no signs at all of slowing down last season, making third team All-NBA and second team All-Defense at age 38. And the Spurs’ summer additions of LaMarcus Aldridge and David West only add to their frontcourt depth and lessen the load that Duncan will have to carry. It’s tough to project the Western Conference playoff picture in August because there are so many elite-level teams, but there’s not a team that’s clearly better than the Spurs. Their chances to make the Finals are as good as anyone’s at this point.