Report: Knicks signing Sasha Vujacic


The Knicks have a new signing.

A 23-year-old with loads of upside?


A 31-year-old who has played just 10 NBA minutes in the last four years.

Shams Charania of RealGM:

Vujacic signed for the full season in Turkey during the 2011 lockout. He wanted to return to the NBA the following season, but he apparently couldn’t find any takers. He tried again the following season, but he could muster only a 10-day contract with the Clippers. He spent last season overseas. Now, he’s only older and further from his prime.

On the other hand, Vujacic played well for Phil Jackson’s Lakers six years ago.

It’s possible the Knicks didn’t give Vujacic a guaranteed contract, but merely a chance to prove himself in training camp. If so, there’s little downside to this move, and maybe Vujacic helps better players learn the triangle offense. If not, they’re wasting a roster spot on a player who seems unlikely to help them on the court now or in the future.

Either way, this shouldn’t preclude the Knicks from also signing Thanasis Antetokounmpo. Antetokounmpo will give the Knicks with much-needed potential for future seasons. They also need better outside shooters – which Jackson may or may not realize – and Vujacic could theoretically provide that.