Mikhail Prokhorov backtracks on promise to marry if Nets didn’t win a championship


Mikhail Prokhorov set a five-year maximum for a championship when he bought the Nets in 2010.

He even pledge to get married if his team didn’t win a title in that span.

Well, it has been five years, and Brooklyn has won only one playoff series.

Prokhorov, via the Nets’ official website:

You may remember my promise to get married if we didn’t win a championship within five years. Sadly to say, five years have passed, and today I am very happy to say that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has agreed to take the plunge in my place. Adam, you are much better man than me. Thank you very much, and I wish you and your new bride every happiness.

So Silver is getting married only because the Nets are mediocre? Is that what Prokhorov is implying?