Ronny Turiaf hopes for another shot in NBA next season


Ronny Turiaf played in only two games, 19 total minutes last season before he was shut down for the year due to hip surgery.

At age 32 with 10 NBA seasons behind him, can Turiaf get another shot in the NBA? He wants one he told French publication L’Equipe, via Sportando.

Ronny Turiaf, who missed the entire season with a hip injury, wants to play again in the NBA and continue his career in the league. The French big man has played 473 games in the NBA averaging 4.7 points and 3.7 rebounds. “One of my dreams while I was a child was to live in the USA. It is ten years since I am in the NBA. Why not continue here?” Turiaf said to L’Equipe.

The why not is simply that he may not have a slot. Turiaf is an energy big off the bench, but teams prefer younger (or less expensive) guys to fill that role. That said, if (or, really, when) a team suffers an early injury and goes looking for a big they can trust, Turiaf may get a call.

I’m biased here, Turiaf is one of my personal favorite players around the league. After needing heart surgery before he could play a minute after being drafted by the Lakers, it gave him a great perspective on just how fortunate he was to be in the league. HYou have to love the guys that just hustle and look like they are having a good time on the court.