Pistons’ Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson showed up owned Drew League game


I’m about a week late on this (didn’t get up to the Drew League this year either, shame on me) but thought I’d pass this video along and cheer up Pistons fans.

Detroit’s Andre Drummond and rookie Stanley Johnson showed up to a Drew League game and owned it. If you’re not familiar, the Drew League is the premier pro-am league in Los Angeles and one of the tops in the nation. Pros drop in all the time.

But few put on a show like this. Johnson was the standout rookie at the Orlando Summer League (16.2 points a game, 57.7 percent shooting from the field and 41.7 from three, plus 6.8 rebounds a game) and he dropped 31 points and nine rebounds in this game, showing off some impressive athleticism. Drummond “only” 17 points, 12 rebounds in comparison.

The East is interesting this season, a lot of teams with questions, but I think the Pistons will find their way into the playoffs.