Pacers to wear Hickory High uniforms from Hoosiers


The Indiana Pacers will honor the most beloved basketball team of their home state – Hickory High from the movie Hoosiers.

Yup, a fictional team high school team.

These uniforms border awesome and ridiculous, but even if they’re ridiculous, I love them. This is the type of idea fans have but teams dismiss out of hand.

We know the uniforms are a great look. We just don’t know whether they’re a great look for an NBA team, especially because that team is copying a movie. But I’ll give the Pacers the benefit of the doubt.

Props to the Pacers for pushing the envelope.

Bonus props to the Pacers for using George Hill and his blonde hair to model the uniforms.

Somewhere, Vivek Ranadivé is lamenting the missed opportunity to adopt Hickory High as the Kings’ fictional high school team. Can you imagine how fun it would be to say “My team is on the floor” and then “Sike!” as a cherry-picker dunks on the other end.