The NBA made a website dedicated to Michael Jordan’s 2001 Wizards comeback


Most basketball fans like to forget that Michael Jordan’s two-year stint with the Washington Wizards ever happened. But when he came out of retirement in 2001, it was such a big deal that the NBA made a complete website dedicated to his career. The Reddit user sqectre unearthed the site, which is still up in its untouched original form at

Here’s the site’s intro:

By returning to the NBA with the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan is adding another chapter to his storied legacy. But one thing remains certain: what MJ has already accomplished both on and off the court is nothing short of legendary. Recap his legacy of achievements with this article from the Official NBA Encyclopedia.

The site includes links to archival articles from throughout Jordan’s career, a year-by-ear retrospective of highlights, and a list of his teammates entitled “Who got rings?” Design-wise, it looks very much like a site that hasn’t been updated since 2001, but it’s a neat little relic of a time when nobody had quite figured out the Internet yet.