Clippers unveil redesigned court (PHOTOS)


Since the start 0f the offseason, the Clippers have unveiled a new logo and new uniforms, both of which drew mixed reviews. The latest step in the overhaul of their brand is a redesigned court, which incorporates the new logo set. Here it is, via’s Arash Markazi:

Overall, it looks pretty sharp. The red and blue paint by the baskets pops next to the black on the sidelines, and the “CLIPPER NATION” at midcourt is a nice touch. It’s just…that new logo. It still feels like they could have done so much better. A rebranding was the right idea, to distance themselves from three decades of Donald Sterling-helmed embarrassment. But they’ve dropped the ball on the logo and the uniforms, and for all its merits, the new court is the latest reminder of that.