According to the numbers, J.R. Smith plays better after Lil Wayne releases an album


It’s well-known that J.R. Smith shoots three percent worse on Sundays than his career averages, a stat that makes perfect sense because of Smith’s known affinity for nightlife. But there’s something else, not quite as frequent, that actually flips Smith’s numbers the other way: new Lil Wayne projects. Smith has gone on the record before in saying that Wayne is his favorite rapper:

According to Hashtag Important’s Kenny Ducey, Smith has performed above his career averages in most categories after a Weezy project is released. Here’s the proof:

Here’s what Ducey had to say about his findings:

Now, I can’t guarantee J.R. listened to these albums and mixtapes before he played in his next game. I can say, though, his shot totals show he’s a bit juiced up in these contests. One thing that was evident during the study was that J.R. hit a hot streak a couple of these times. Most notably, his 32-pt showing in Boston in 2013 was followed by a 35-pt outing, and then a 37-pt performance.

There’s no definitive proof, but nobody would be surprised if this was a catalyst for Smith. Cavs fans have to hope that Tha Carter V, which is still without a release date, comes out during next year’s Finals.