Report: Nearly 10 NBA teams losing money


NBA commissioner Adam Silver claimed a “significant number” of NBA teams are losing money.

How many is significant?

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports:

Spears’ question is key.

NBA teams don’t have a right to earn money. If they rebuild through losing(76ers), move to a smaller market (Thunder), spend big to win now (Cavaliers) or just make foolish decisions (Kings), they should be at risk of losing money.

It’s not up to the players to take so little money that every NBA team is guaranteed to turn a profit.

Yet, that is often implied by the owners and a de facto demand during collective bargaining. This will be an issue in the impending 2017 work stoppage.

And that doesn’t even get into the ways NBA owners hide the income created by owning an NBA team – the tax breaks and side interests.

As the players are taking a lower share of revenue than under the previous CBA and new national TV money pours in, the already-shaky ground on which owners have cried poverty is falling out from under them.

Are nearly 10 NBA teams losing money? Maybe, though believing that would take some creative accounting. But even if they are, it’s hard to see how those owners deserve sympathy or a more-favorable deal with the players.