Andre Iguodala says if Kerr doesn’t start him then trade him — it was a joke, relax


For a couple minutes, some corners of the Internet and the Warriors fan base started to freak out.

Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr spoke with the San Jose Mercury News and said he planned to bring Andre Iguodala off the bench again next season. No shock — they won 67 games and a ring with that strategy. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

The fun started when Iguodala tweeted this:

WHAT? All through the Finals Iguodala said he just wanted to win and was good coming off the bench to make that happen, that he was team first, and now this? There were some turned heads around the Web.

Then came the follow-up:

Iguodala wasn’t done joking.

The Junior’s cheesecake is legit. I’d have gotten that in my contract.