NBPA issues statement on DeAndre Jordan backing out of commitment to Mavericks


DeAndre Jordan’s last-minute decision to back out of his commitment to the Mavericks and re-sign with the Clippers has reverberated throughout the NBA. The moratorium period that allowed Jordan’s change of heart is surely going to be a topic of discussion at next week’s Board of Governors meeting, because even though no agreements from July 1-9 are legally binding, decisions that some players make are based on decisions that other players make, and a large majority of those come during the moratorium period, when everyone is counting on everyone else to hold to the agreements they made.

The NBPA has issued a statement defending Jordan’s right to change his mind. Here it is, via ESPN.com’s Ramona Shelburne:

That’s an expected response from the players’ union, and legally speaking, it’s absolutely right. Instances of a player changing his mind don’t happen very often, but Jordan isn’t the first (think Hedo Turkoglu with the Blazers in 2009, for instance). When it happens, it can have a ripple effect on the rest of the league, depending on the players and teams involved.