Reports: David West agrees to veteran minimum deal to play for Spurs


The rich just get richer.

West wants to win a ring in his last few years in the league, and he realized that was not happening with the Pacers (who have some restructuring of the roster to do). So he opted out of his $12.6 million contract.

Now he’s going to sign with the San Antonio Spurs for the league minimum, something first reported by David Aldridge of

This has since been confirmed by other sources.

The veteran minimum is $1.4 million. For those of you who shy away from math, West left $11.2 million on the table to chase a ring with the Spurs. The Spurs have this Jedi mind trick where players take less to play for them, including Danny Green with his new contract, and now West. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are all about to take less to make this all work.

And it should work well. San Antonio had arguably the third best team in the NBA last season (despite their first-round exit at the hands of the Clippers), then they not only brought almost all the core pieces back but also they added the 20-and-10 numbers of LaMarcus Aldridge. Now they add West to the mix.

West can provide some physical defense plus he can still knock down the midrange jumpers off the pick-and-pop — last season 45.6 percent of his shots came from 16 feet out to the arc, and he hit 50.2 percent of them. He averaged 11.7 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game last season.

Plus his professional, veteran demeanor will fit perfectly in the Spurs locker room

The West is still a crowded place at the top — Golden State is there, Oklahoma City is healthy — but the Spurs are going to have a roster that can compete with anyone.