Report: Warriors re-signing Leandro Barbosa with most of MLE


Leandro Barbosa and the Warriors was championship.

Now, Barbosa gonna be paid.

Ken Berger of

The Warriors could have used Barbosa’s Non-Bird Rights (technically a form of Bird Rights) to pay him up to $1,799,024. By paying more, they’ll have to dip into their mid-level exception.

The taxpayer mid-level exception is for $ 3,376,000. So, after Barbosa’s $2.5 million, that leaves just$ 876,000 of the MLE – less than the minimum salary for most players. That’s useful only if Golden State wants to offer a rookie or second-year player a contract for above the minimum and/or longer than two years.

In other words, don’t count on the Warriors signing a rotation player from another team. They already took care of their top priority by re-signing Draymond Green, and Barbosa – a solid backup guard – maintains depth. That’s plenty.

As last season showed, Golden State doesn’t need significant upgrades.