Manu Ginobili tweets he’ll play next season


Manu Ginobili strongly considered retiring a couple years ago.

Turning 38 later this month, Ginobili could have been done this summer.

But who could resist playing with Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tim Duncan, Danny Green and Tony Parker?

There’s still the matter of Ginobili’s contract. He is a free agent, after all.

But the Spurs have never had issues locking up their cornerstone or once-cornerstone players. I doubt it becomes an issue now.

Depending where the salary cap falls and how much money Duncan and Ginobili want, San Antonio might have difficulty keeping Patty Mills and Boris Diaw. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ginobili and Duncan are waiting for the exact outlook before determining their salaries.

Ginobili’s decline has shown in recent years, and he’ll probably be even more limited this season. But Gregg Popovich will limit his minutes, maximizing whatever contributions Ginobili can still make.

The Spurs, as we’ve already written several times this summer, just got stronger. How much will depend whether Ginobili takes a low enough salary to allow San Antonio to keep Mills and Diaw, too.