Report: Roy Hibbert opts into final season of contract with Pacers


Everything had been coming together for the Pacers in their bid to play a faster, more open style.

Paul George was preparing to play power forward. The more methodical David West opted out. Myles Turner, a potential stretch five, fell to Indiana’s No. 11 pick.

But the biggest variable – literally and figuratively – worked against them.

Zach Lowe of Grantland:

Roy Hibbert will make $15,514,031 next season. He definitely wasn’t getting that on the open market.

But there was some thought he’d opt out to get to a team that values him more than the Pacers do. They still might try to make that happen – by trading him.

It’ll be tough to find teams willing to pay Hibbert that much, so the most likely course is Hibbert playing out the season with Indiana and then leaving next year in free agency. In the meantime, this could get awkward.

At least Hibbert will get paid well for dealing with it.