David Griffin says LeBron James is conferring with him daily about Cavaliers roster


LeBron James has a reputation for going dark after the season – intentionally or not, passively aggressively dictating how his team should proceed.

It got Mike Brown fired, Shabazz Napier drafted and Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger signed.

But it seems LeBron is taking a different approach this year.

Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com:

LeBron James hasn’t said anything to the Cavaliers about his contract situation, general manager David Griffin said early Friday morning.

But about the Cavs’ roster?

“We’ve heard from him every day pretty much,” Griffin said, following the 2015 NBA Draft. “He’s very engaged.”

“He is not dark,” Griffin said. “It’s been great. He’s been very much engaged with us on a lot of different levels. It’s been positive.”

If LeBron is going to hold the Cavaliers’ feet to the fire over roster moves before re-signing, why not listen to his opinion? LeBron is the most import person in the organization. He deserves a say.

But he should – and probably doesn’t – recognize he’s unqualified to run the front office.

He’s too close to the players on the team. A view from afar is helpful in that role.

He also surely doesn’t put the time into scouting and mastering salary-cap nuances. Those are requirements of the job.  LeBron is rightfully focused on his other job, playing for the team.

If LeBron is just an advisor, that’s fantastic. If he’s trying to do more, that could cause problems.