DeMarcus Cousins tweets he ‘absolutely’ wants to be with Kings


George Karl reportedly wants the Kings to trade DeMarcus Cousins.

Vlade Divac and Vivek Ranadivé seemingly don’t.

The Lakers and Celtics and surely many other teams, of course, would love for Sacramento to deal Cousins.

But what about Cousins? What does he want? Does he want to stay in Sacramento?

In theory, it doesn’t matter what Cousins wants. He’s under contract for three more years, and the Kings can trade him if they want to.

But in reality, it matters a great deal.

If Cousins is committed to Sacramento, that makes it easier for Divac and Ranadivé to resist a trade. The simplest route to those powerbrokers changing their minds is the situation between Cousins and Karl becoming untenable. As long as Cousins’ desire to remain a King trumps his distrust of Karl, it’s an easy choice to keep Cousins. (Is that second tweet another shot at Karl?)

However, don’t assume Cousins wants to remain a King just because he tweeted it. That means something. It hardly means everything.