Hawks new uniforms leak, and they’re something (photos)


(Atlanta Hawks)(Atlanta Hawks)(Atlanta Hawks)

The Hawks promised the NBA’s “most modern and cutting-edge” uniforms.

For better or worse, they delivered.

The above images come via Chris Vivlamore of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Click through to see the black shorts and red top and vice versa together, which implies there will be cross-matching, and the related gear.

If these look familiar, it might be from this.

The texture is garish. Hopefully, that looks better while a player is wearing them.

If you can get past that, these aren’t so bad. Neon is a classic Hawks color, and it’s weaved creatively through the designs.

The white uniforms could be really good, and they feature the old-school Pac Man logo. I’m generally not a fan of black jerseys when it isn’t a team color, but the neon and red really pop against the black backdrop, though I don’t like the phoenix logo. The reds are easily my least favorite, especially the “A.”

But I can’t get past the texture. So, unless that isn’t as pronounced while they’re being worn, every other thought is irrelevant.