Report: Warriors wiling to trade No. 30 pick, but no more, to dump David Lee


The Warriors and David Lee are working together on a trade.

Golden State wants to shed Lee’s $15,493,680 salary for next season, and Lee wants to play for a team that will give an expanded role.

But with his high salary, the 32-year-old Lee probably has negative value. In other words, I doubt any team would just take him if given the opportunity.

So, the Warriors will have to offer more enticement. How much are they willing to surrender?

Zach Lowe of Grantland:

the Warriors are trawling for someone to take David Lee, with the 30th pick as a potential sweetener, per sources around the league.

The Warriors almost certainly won’t sacrifice two picks for that financial relief, per league sources.

As Lowe details, the Warriors made a ton of money during their championship run. And this is only a one-year problem. Once Lee’s contract expires and the salary cap skyrockets in 2016, Golden State will be clear of major luxury-tax concerns.

But the effects of keeping Lee next season are significant. He projects to cost the Warriors nearly $50 million in salary and luxury tax. They might prefer to send out only the No. 30 pick, but if push comes to shove, I wouldn’t be surprised if they improve their offers.