Report: Thaddeus Young opts out with Nets


Mikhail Prokhorov said he’ll pay the repeater luxury-tax for the Nets.

Thaddeus Young – who had a $10,221,739 player option – could put that to the test.

Chris Haynes of

Young helped the Nets sneak into the playoffs after coming to Brooklyn for Kevin Garnett. But keeping the 27-year-old forward could get expensive.

Let’s make a few assumptions about the rest of the roster:

Here’s a projection of how much Young’s salary – from the minimum to his projected maximum – would cost Brooklyn in light of the harsh repeater penalties:


Thaddeus Young salary Cost to Nets
$1,356,146 $3,315,466
$2,000,000 $7,000,000
$3,000,000 $10,500,000
$4,000,000 $14,089,084
$5,000,000 $17,839,084
$6,000,000 $21,589,084
$7,000,000 $25,339,084
$8,000,000 $29,089,084
$9,000,000 $33,106,336
$10,000,000 $37,606,336
$11,000,000 $42,106,336
$12,000,000 $46,606,336
$13,000,000 $51,106,336
$14,000,000 $55,873,588
$15,000,000 $61,123,588
$16,000,000 $66,373,588
$17,000,000 $71,623,588
$18,000,000 $76,873,588
$19,000,000 $82,301,756
$19,027,800 $82,461,606

It obviously gets ridiculous, especially when you get to Young’s estimated starting salary for next season of around $11 million.

However, if the Nets don’t re-sign Young, they can’t just spend that money elsewhere. They’d be limited to the $3,376,000 taxpayer mid-level exception. And there’s no upside for getting worse. They already traded their 2016 first-round pick to the Celtics.

If they don’t sign Young, the Nets have a chance to get under the tax. That’s the route every other owner would go – especially considering the upside to signing Young is fighting for a playoff berth in the weak Eastern Conference.

But Prokhorov is a different breed. Young could show us just how different.