Report: Ed Davis hoping for $7-10 million per year, says he wants to stay with the Lakers


In last summer’s free agency market, big man Ed Davis didn’t have much luck getting the kind of money he wanted. He ended up signing with the Lakers for the veteran’s minimum, and it was hailed at the time as one of the best value signings of the summer. Davis can opt out of the second year of his deal, and he will, hoping to get a second crack at a big free agency payday.

Davis told Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News that, if they gave him a fair offer, his preference is to stay with the Lakers:

“I definitely want to be back,” Davis said in an interview with Los Angeles News Group. “With everything being equal, I’m 100 percent going back there. Hopefully that’s the case. But with free agency and all the stuff going on with the draft, you never know how things are going to go.”

Medina also reports that Davis will be seeking a significant upgrade in annual salary from the veteran’s minimum deal he signed last summer:

Davis declined to outline the terms of his preferred contract in length and dollar amount. But a league source familiar with his thinking said he will seek a two- or three-year deal worth $7-8 million a year, or a one-year deal worth $9-10 million.

Davis didn’t get the kind of minutes he should have with the Lakers, but he’s a capable big who would be a terrific signing for a team looking for some frontcourt depth off the bench. $7 or 8 million per year for a long-term deal could turn into a bargain for a rotation big once the salary cap rises next summer with the new TV deal.