Warriors finally play their pace in Game 6


The Cavaliers – especially LeBron James – did an incredible job dictating the pace in the NBA Finals.

For five games.

In Game 6, the Warriors finally got running.

Here’s the pace of each Finals game, per NBA.com. The horizontal black lines represent the NBA’s fastest-paced (notably the Warriors) and slowest-paced teams during the regular season.


What changed?

Mostly, I think the better team just won out in playing its preferred style. Cleveland admirably staved it off as long as possible, but the Warriors are too good to contain for too long.

I also think fatigue factored. That appeared to be an issue in Game 4, which – like Game 6 – came after only one off day. Add the effect of the series advancing another two games, and the shorthanded Cavaliers couldn’t keep up.

It’s amazing the series was played at such a slow pace on the whole. But Game 6 was a different story.