Scott Foster to referee Game 6 of NBA Finals; road team has won his last 11 games


When previewing Game 6 of the NBA Finals, the biggest question for the Cavaliers is whether or not LeBron James will get any help on the offensive end of the floor in terms of production from his teammates.

If recent statistics are to be believed, he certainly won’t be getting any from the officials.

Tonight’s crew of referees will consist of Scott Foster, Marc Davis and Zach Zarba. And when Foster’s been in the house during these playoffs, it’s meant that the home team was in for an unfavorable result.

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News:

And yes, road teams are 11-1 in Foster-called games during these playoffs, including CLE over GSW in Game 2 at Oracle.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

Bad news: Scott Foster crew chief tonight. Road team has won his last 11 games. #Cavs have benefited many times during streak; not tonight

It is worth noting that the Cavaliers won Game 2 at Oracle arena the last time Foster’s crew was on the floor — and the league said that four calls were missed in overtime when releasing its Last Two Minute report the very next day.

You can take a deeper dive into the statistics on Foster in the playoffs if you wish, but it’s probably a waste of time. Despite the Game 2 gaffes, this is merely a coincidental trend (albeit a fairly strong one), and I don’t believe that the officials intentionally do anything to favor one team or the other.

But as Game 6 unfolds, it’s something which, for fans of both teams, will remain interesting to watch.