Draymond Green: If I played to my level, Warriors would be up 3-0


Do the Warriors, trailing the Cavaliers 2-1 in the NBA Finals, lack confidence?

If they do, they sure don’t sound like it.

Klay Thompson’s statement – that Golden State would win the series if its offense reverts to form – is hardly isolated.

Draymond Green, via Marcus Thompson of Bay Area New Groups:

“If I play to my level, I think we’re up 3-0,” Draymond Green said in an exclusive interview. “But I haven’t. So we’re down 2-1. So it’s on me.”

David Lee, via Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area:

“Whether it’s me that’s in there or somebody else, the most promising thing is that you finally saw us playing the type of ball we’re capable of playing there in the fourth,” Lee said. “It was the player movement, the ball movement, and the energy. And if we play like that, I think we’re the better team in this series.”

That all might be true. But here are the more important questions:

Why has Green played below his level? Why have the Warriors played without player movement, ball movement and energy for such long stretches?

The Cavaliers’ defense has been a huge factor. Green hurting might also contribute.

It’s not enough for the Warriors to say they’ll be fine if everything goes smoothly from here. They must figure out how to make things go more smoothly – a much more difficult task.