Stephen Curry took a long time to shoot in Game 2. Will that change in Game 3?


Stephen Curry shot horribly in Game 2 of the NBA Finals 2.

But, for a while, he didn’t shoot at all.

The Warriors guard attempted his first shot with 5:19 left in the first quarter, a long shot-less period for a player of his caliber.

Curry got to the free-throw line with 7:01 left in the opening period, but that’s still nearly five minutes before his first attempt of any kind.

Matthew Dellavedova and Iman Shumpert denied Curry the ball and guarded him well later in the game, though they didn’t have to do much to start. Curry rarely aggressively sought the ball nor aggressively attacked once he had it. By the time Curry took his first shot, Klay Thompson was already 4-for-6.

Taking six minutes and 41 seconds to hoist his first shot was his second-longest wait of the season:


Game Minutes before first shot
05/11/2015 at MEM 8:30
06/07/2015 vs. CLE 6:41
03/02/2015 at BRK 5:45
12/30/2014 vs. PHI 5:24
10/29/2014 at SAC 4:31
05/13/2015 vs. MEM 4:27
01/13/2015 at UTA 4:10
03/27/2015 at MEM 4:09
01/25/2015 vs. BOS 4:01
04/13/2015 vs. MEM 3:54
11/08/2014 at HOU 3:51
03/08/2015 vs. LAC 3:39
11/26/2014 at ORL 3:37
12/16/2014 at MEM 3:34
12/27/2014 vs. MIN 3:21
02/06/2015 at ATL 3:19
04/02/2015 vs. PHO 3:16
03/31/2015 at LAC 3:16
01/07/2015 vs. IND 3:09
02/07/2015 at NYK 3:04
03/28/2015 at MIL 3:00
05/23/2015 at HOU 2:57
11/30/2014 at DET 2:54
02/20/2015 vs. SAS 2:47
01/21/2015 vs. HOU 2:47
04/25/2015 at NOP 2:36
11/09/2014 at PHO 2:33
11/11/2014 vs. SAS 2:32
03/20/2015 vs. NOP 2:29
03/18/2015 vs. ATL 2:27
03/11/2015 vs. DET 2:27
04/07/2015 at NOP 2:25
12/23/2014 at LAL 2:23
03/14/2015 vs. NYK 2:22
12/02/2014 vs. ORL 2:22
11/16/2014 at LAL 2:22
05/19/2015 vs. HOU 2:21
04/05/2015 at SAS 2:20
04/20/2015 vs. NOP 2:18
03/06/2015 vs. DAL 2:17
04/23/2015 at NOP 2:16
02/24/2015 at WAS 2:16
12/18/2014 vs. OKC 2:16
03/04/2015 vs. MIL 2:12
02/03/2015 at SAC 2:07
02/26/2015 at CLE 2:06
02/04/2015 vs. DAL 2:03
05/03/2015 vs. MEM 2:00
01/27/2015 vs. CHI 1:57
03/09/2015 at PHO 1:55
05/05/2015 vs. MEM 1:54
11/21/2014 vs. UTA 1:54
01/17/2015 at HOU 1:52
12/22/2014 vs. SAC 1:52
04/15/2015 vs. DEN 1:45
12/10/2014 vs. HOU 1:44
02/11/2015 at MIN 1:42
01/14/2015 vs. MIA 1:40
11/05/2014 vs. LAC 1:32
01/16/2015 at OKC 1:29
12/13/2014 at DAL 1:28
12/08/2014 at MIN 1:28
03/23/2015 vs. WAS 1:27
01/19/2015 vs. DEN 1:25
12/04/2014 vs. NOP 1:24
05/25/2015 at HOU 1:22
04/09/2015 vs. POR 1:17
11/01/2014 vs. LAL 1:16
11/28/2014 at CHO 1:14
03/21/2015 vs. UTA 1:11
12/06/2014 at CHI 1:10
01/30/2015 at UTA 1:09
12/25/2014 at LAC 1:08
04/18/2015 vs. NOP 1:06
11/02/2014 at POR 1:04
12/14/2014 at NOP 1:02
03/24/2015 at POR 1:00
06/04/2015 vs. CLE 0:55
11/25/2014 at MIA 0:48
11/23/2014 at OKC 0:46
02/27/2015 at TOR 0:45
01/09/2015 vs. CLE 0:45
01/05/2015 vs. OKC 0:45
05/21/2015 vs. HOU 0:44
04/11/2015 vs. MIN 0:44
01/23/2015 vs. SAC 0:41
11/13/2014 vs. BRK 0:39
03/01/2015 at BOS 0:38
01/02/2015 vs. TOR 0:38
04/04/2015 at DAL 0:37
05/09/2015 at MEM 0:32
05/15/2015 at MEM 0:20
05/27/2015 vs. HOU 0:19
02/09/2015 at PHI 0:19
01/31/2015 vs. PHO 0:17
03/16/2015 vs. LAL 0:16
11/15/2014 vs. CHO 0:14

The only time Curry took longer to hoist his first shot was Game 4 against the Grizzlies – when Curry scored 33 points on 11-of-22 shooting, including 4-of-9 on 3-pointers, to lead the Warriors to a win. So, there’s obviously no perfect correlation.

However, given Curry’s struggles throughout Game 2 – he shot 5-for-23, including 2-for-15 on 3-pointers – I wonder whether there’s something to this.

I’m not sure whether a delayed first shot was a cause or symptom. But I’m curious whether the Warriors will do anything to get Curry going earlier in Game 3 tonight.

Report: Gary Harris, Torrey Craig and Michael Porter Jr. not with Nuggets at Disney World

Nuggets players Gary Harris and Torrey Craig
AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images
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Nikola Jokic was delayed in joining the Nuggets after testing positive for coronavirus in Serbia.

Gary Harris, Torrey Craig and Michael Porter Jr. apparently aren’t with Denver, either.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports:

The Nuggets closed their facility two weeks ago after positive coronavirus tests. At least a week prior to that, a Western Conference playoff team reportedly had four positive coronavirus tests.

Are either of those events related to these absences?

The NBA has shown a disturbing lack of transparency around its restart.

When the season got suspended, Denver looked like a good regular-season team that’d face issues adapting to a playoff style. Now, who knows how the Nuggets will be when the season resumes? There’s so much roster uncertainty.

Harris is Denver’s starting shooting guard, and Craig and Porter have been rotation-level backup forwards. Both Harris (on smaller players) and Craig (on bigger players) have been defensive standouts with lackluster offense. Harris’ shooting struggles have been a major disappointment. For Craig, they’re an accepted limitation. Porter has shown flashes as a superb scorer, but he’s still raw.

Who knows if and when these three will join the Nuggets? Again, the lack of transparency has been frustrating. But Harris, Porter and Craig missing time would be a major setback for Denver.

Rockets star Russell Westbrook says he tested positive for coronavirus

Rockets star Russell Westbrook
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
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Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Luc Mbah a Moute didn’t travel with the Rockets to Orlando for the NBA’s resumption at Disney World.

Westbrook says he tested positive for coronavirus:

It’s good that Westbrook is feeling well. And, once he had coronavirus, it’s good he tested positive before the team departed. He can quarantine in the comfort of his own home rather than a hotel room. He didn’t risk spreading coronavirus during the flight.

When will he join the Rockets? That’s tough to say. He must clear coronavirus first, and it’s unclear how long he has had it. Then, upon arrival at Disney World, he faces an in-room quarantine. The length of that can vary.

With Harden as the centerpiece, Houston has built its secondary attack around Westbrook’s aggressive style. The Rockets’ unique center-less approach is a direct response to Westbrook’s minus outside shooting. Empowered by spacing later in the season, Westbrook has really thrived.

He’d be a huge loss. Houston could go from a championship-contending wildcard to one-man show – or less.

This revelation also raises questions about Harden and Mbah a Moute, whose late arrivals haven’t been publicly explained.

Report: Rockets’ Bruno Caboclo violates quarantine, must remain in room 10 days

Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo
Tim Warner/Getty Images
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Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard and 76ers star Joel Embiid expressed doubt about players following the NBA’s protocols in the bubble.

See Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

Players first arriving at Disney World is one of the most perilous times in the NBA’s plan. A player leaving his initial quarantine with coronavirus could undermine the whole operation.

The league has no practical choice but to be strict.

James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Luc Mbah a Moute didn’t arrive with the rest of the Rockets in Orlando. This makes four players who are behind in their ability to build chemistry and train with their teammates. At least Caboclo is just four days away from being four days away – major progress for him.

Houston has already clinched a playoff spot. But there’s some danger of slipping to the No. 7 seed and facing the powerful Clippers in the first round. So while they don’t have the most urgency for the seeding games, the Rockets are playing for something in the seeding games.

Lakers star LeBron James: #FreeWOJ!!

Adrian Wojnarowski
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images
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Missouri U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley sent out a press release complaining about the NBA’s list of approved social-justice messages for jerseys.

ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski replied to the email, “F— you.” (Wojnarowski did not censor the first word.)

Wojnarowski apologized. ESPN condemned his behavior and, according to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, suspended him two weeks.

Several NBA players have publicly supported Wojnarowski:

Lakers star LeBron James:

Clippers guard Lou Williams:

Clippers guard Patrick Beverley:

Nuggets guard Jamal Murray:

Heat big Bam Adebayo:

Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie:

Kings forward Harrison Barnes:

Pacers center Myles Turner:

Grizzlies forward Anthony Tolliver:

Wizards wing Troy Brown Jr.:

Trail Blazers guard Jaylen Adams:

LeBron’s message is particularly notable.

Obviously, he’s the NBA’s biggest star. His words carry weight.

Wojnarowski also has a long history of harshly criticizing LeBron. Here are just a few examples.

But if he can get over The Letter from Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, LeBron can probably get past anything written about him.