Stephen Curry took a long time to shoot in Game 2. Will that change in Game 3?


Stephen Curry shot horribly in Game 2 of the NBA Finals 2.

But, for a while, he didn’t shoot at all.

The Warriors guard attempted his first shot with 5:19 left in the first quarter, a long shot-less period for a player of his caliber.

Curry got to the free-throw line with 7:01 left in the opening period, but that’s still nearly five minutes before his first attempt of any kind.

Matthew Dellavedova and Iman Shumpert denied Curry the ball and guarded him well later in the game, though they didn’t have to do much to start. Curry rarely aggressively sought the ball nor aggressively attacked once he had it. By the time Curry took his first shot, Klay Thompson was already 4-for-6.

Taking six minutes and 41 seconds to hoist his first shot was his second-longest wait of the season:


Game Minutes before first shot
05/11/2015 at MEM 8:30
06/07/2015 vs. CLE 6:41
03/02/2015 at BRK 5:45
12/30/2014 vs. PHI 5:24
10/29/2014 at SAC 4:31
05/13/2015 vs. MEM 4:27
01/13/2015 at UTA 4:10
03/27/2015 at MEM 4:09
01/25/2015 vs. BOS 4:01
04/13/2015 vs. MEM 3:54
11/08/2014 at HOU 3:51
03/08/2015 vs. LAC 3:39
11/26/2014 at ORL 3:37
12/16/2014 at MEM 3:34
12/27/2014 vs. MIN 3:21
02/06/2015 at ATL 3:19
04/02/2015 vs. PHO 3:16
03/31/2015 at LAC 3:16
01/07/2015 vs. IND 3:09
02/07/2015 at NYK 3:04
03/28/2015 at MIL 3:00
05/23/2015 at HOU 2:57
11/30/2014 at DET 2:54
02/20/2015 vs. SAS 2:47
01/21/2015 vs. HOU 2:47
04/25/2015 at NOP 2:36
11/09/2014 at PHO 2:33
11/11/2014 vs. SAS 2:32
03/20/2015 vs. NOP 2:29
03/18/2015 vs. ATL 2:27
03/11/2015 vs. DET 2:27
04/07/2015 at NOP 2:25
12/23/2014 at LAL 2:23
03/14/2015 vs. NYK 2:22
12/02/2014 vs. ORL 2:22
11/16/2014 at LAL 2:22
05/19/2015 vs. HOU 2:21
04/05/2015 at SAS 2:20
04/20/2015 vs. NOP 2:18
03/06/2015 vs. DAL 2:17
04/23/2015 at NOP 2:16
02/24/2015 at WAS 2:16
12/18/2014 vs. OKC 2:16
03/04/2015 vs. MIL 2:12
02/03/2015 at SAC 2:07
02/26/2015 at CLE 2:06
02/04/2015 vs. DAL 2:03
05/03/2015 vs. MEM 2:00
01/27/2015 vs. CHI 1:57
03/09/2015 at PHO 1:55
05/05/2015 vs. MEM 1:54
11/21/2014 vs. UTA 1:54
01/17/2015 at HOU 1:52
12/22/2014 vs. SAC 1:52
04/15/2015 vs. DEN 1:45
12/10/2014 vs. HOU 1:44
02/11/2015 at MIN 1:42
01/14/2015 vs. MIA 1:40
11/05/2014 vs. LAC 1:32
01/16/2015 at OKC 1:29
12/13/2014 at DAL 1:28
12/08/2014 at MIN 1:28
03/23/2015 vs. WAS 1:27
01/19/2015 vs. DEN 1:25
12/04/2014 vs. NOP 1:24
05/25/2015 at HOU 1:22
04/09/2015 vs. POR 1:17
11/01/2014 vs. LAL 1:16
11/28/2014 at CHO 1:14
03/21/2015 vs. UTA 1:11
12/06/2014 at CHI 1:10
01/30/2015 at UTA 1:09
12/25/2014 at LAC 1:08
04/18/2015 vs. NOP 1:06
11/02/2014 at POR 1:04
12/14/2014 at NOP 1:02
03/24/2015 at POR 1:00
06/04/2015 vs. CLE 0:55
11/25/2014 at MIA 0:48
11/23/2014 at OKC 0:46
02/27/2015 at TOR 0:45
01/09/2015 vs. CLE 0:45
01/05/2015 vs. OKC 0:45
05/21/2015 vs. HOU 0:44
04/11/2015 vs. MIN 0:44
01/23/2015 vs. SAC 0:41
11/13/2014 vs. BRK 0:39
03/01/2015 at BOS 0:38
01/02/2015 vs. TOR 0:38
04/04/2015 at DAL 0:37
05/09/2015 at MEM 0:32
05/15/2015 at MEM 0:20
05/27/2015 vs. HOU 0:19
02/09/2015 at PHI 0:19
01/31/2015 vs. PHO 0:17
03/16/2015 vs. LAL 0:16
11/15/2014 vs. CHO 0:14

The only time Curry took longer to hoist his first shot was Game 4 against the Grizzlies – when Curry scored 33 points on 11-of-22 shooting, including 4-of-9 on 3-pointers, to lead the Warriors to a win. So, there’s obviously no perfect correlation.

However, given Curry’s struggles throughout Game 2 – he shot 5-for-23, including 2-for-15 on 3-pointers – I wonder whether there’s something to this.

I’m not sure whether a delayed first shot was a cause or symptom. But I’m curious whether the Warriors will do anything to get Curry going earlier in Game 3 tonight.

WNBA suspends Riquna Williams 10 games for domestic violence

Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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NEW YORK (AP) The WNBA has suspended Los Angeles Sparks guard Riquna Williams 10 games for a domestic violence incident.

The WNBA handed down the suspension Tuesday. Williams was arrested on April 29 and charged with two felony counts, one involving the assault of an individual with whom she was in a relationship and the other involving a threat to another person with a firearm. Her criminal case is ongoing.

The league conducted its own investigation and consulted with a panel of experts in the field of domestic violence. Among other factors, the WNBA said it took into account the nature and seriousness of the allegations, including the involvement of a gun.

The WNBA also will require Williams to participate in counseling.

Williams’ suspension will begin with Thursday’s game against the Dallas Wings.

Report: Bulls signing Luke Kornet for guaranteed $4.5M over two years

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images
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Just three 7-footers have averaged 3.5 3-pointers per game and made 35% of them each of the last two seasons:

The Bulls will now have most of them.

Markkanen is Chicago’s top young player. Kornet will join him with the Bulls next season.

Shams Charania of The Athletic:

I’m a little surprised Kornet got more than his minimum ($3,383,360 over two years). But it’s worth taking a flier on him.

In addition to his outside shooting, Kornet has shown good timing as a shot-blocker in two seasons with the Knicks. The 24-year-old must get stronger and improve as a rebounder to play major minutes.

But the Bulls won’t have to press him into action. They also have Thaddeus Young, Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr., Daniel Gafford and Cristiano Felicio as bigs.

Pistons claim Christian Wood off waivers

Cassy Athena/Getty Images

The Bucks waived Christian Wood late last season to ensure avoiding the luxury tax. The Pelicans claimed him. Wood had played well in limited minutes with the 76ers, Hornets and Bucks and in the NBA’s minor league since going undrafted in 2015.

New Orleans gave him his biggest opportunity yet. In 24 minutes per game over eight games, he averaged 17 points and eight rebounds.

But the Pelicans filled their roster for next season and waived Wood.

Detroit will take advantage.

Pistons release:

The Detroit Pistons announced today that the team has claimed forward/center Christian Wood off waivers.

Wood’s $1,645,357 minimum salary is unguaranteed until the regular season. So, Detroit could still waive him before the season. But it seems he’ll at least go to training camp and get a shot at a regular-season roster spot.

The Pelicans also could’ve kept him through the preseason then waived him before the regular season. They seemingly did him a favor of allowing him to get somewhere he has a realistic chance of sticking.

Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond will start in the frontcourt for the Pistons. Markieff Morris and Thon Maker appear to be first in line is backups.

But don’t be surprised if Wood earns playing time. At minimum, the 23-year-old should provide nice depth at both power forward and center.

The Pistons have also now acquired four members of last year’s Bucks – Tony Snell, Thon Maker, Tim Frazier and now Wood.

Knicks: Reggie Bullock has spine injury

Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images
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Reggie Bullock had his agreed-upon salary cut by more than half with the Knicks. He’ll reportedly miss at least a month of the regular season.

All because of a mysterious health issue.

The Knicks have finally disclosed what’s happening.

Knicks release:

Reggie Bullock underwent successful surgery today at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York for a cervical disc herniation. The team will plan to provide an update on his rehab and progress around the start of training camp.

Bullock is a good shooter from the wing. New York could use him. Many teams could use him.

But Bullock must get healthy first.

At this point, we probably shouldn’t expect much from him any time soon. The best indication: how eagerly his agent praised the Knicks for their handling of this situation. Again, Bullock settled for less than half his initially agreed-upon salary.