League says referees missed four calls in overtime during Game 2 of NBA Finals


The Cavaliers won Game 2 of the NBA Finals in overtime, and did so despite the fact that referees missed two calls in the extra session that cost Cleveland to lose two possessions.

Draymond Green was essentially caught cheating after the fact on two separate jump ball plays that were labeled as incorrect no-calls on the league’s Last Two Minute report — the first came on overtime’s opening tip against Tristan Thompson, while the second came with 45.4 seconds remaining on a jump ball against LeBron James.

LeBron ended up catching the ball after the toss from the official, which isn’t allowed so the Warriors gained possession. But you could see him flip out while trying to explain that Green had grabbed him, or had held him by the shoulder.

The league says officials missed two other calls, both of which came on a single possession where Andre Iguodala was defending James.

Iguodala hacked James across the arm with 1:37 to play, but not before James traveled by moving his pivot foot. The violations were ignored at the time, and both were ruled as incorrect no-calls after the league completed its review process.