Report: Kevin Love to Boston this summer a longshot


We will start where we always start with these stories:

Kevin Love has said repeatedly he has no intention of leaving the Cavaliers this summer. There are more reasons for him to stay rather than leave at this point, and I’ve said from the start I’ve heard he will stay and expect him to do just that.

But the rumors will not die.

Boston has been home to those rumors since last summer when GM Danny Ainge was trying to make Love the Celtics’ big free agent move. But according to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald don’t expect to see Love in Celtics green next season even if he does opt out.

According to all sources, Danny Ainge still has affection for Love, but it’s not nearly the borderline obsession that was in play last summer….

The idea last year was to try to pair Love and (Rajon) Rondo, giving the Celts a solid two-All-Star base around which to build and presenting Rondo with a reason to stay when he reached free agency this summer. So, as we noted even before the Timberwolves got their deal, no Love meant no Rondo….

And from all indications, Love is not seen as a foundational player upon whom to build. Further, sources say his knee issues are bound to have an impact on his basketball longevity and effectiveness.


There are going to be some interesting questions down the line for the Cavaliers and Love, especially with the emergence of Tristan Thompson in these playoffs as a valuable part of the front line. But those are down the line.

In the short term, don’t expect Love in Boston. Or anywhere else that is not Cleveland.