Warriors’ video staff pranked Alvin Gentry about Pelicans


With the lengthy break between Golden State eliminating Houston and the start of the NBA Finals, Alvin Gentry had time to seal the deal on becoming the next coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, and still get back to do the scouting on Cavaliers.

The Warriors clubhouse is a loose and fun place — they are serious on the court, their system shows discipline, but a former player like Kerr is not going to let things get too heavy.

In that spirit, the Warriors and their video crew pranked Gentry. He had spent time breaking down the Cavaliers and how the Warriors want to attack them. But when it came time for showing the video to the team… we’ll let Gentry take it from there, via Ramona Shelburne of ESPN.

“I start in like, ‘Guys, here are some of the plays we ran against them that really worked well,'” Gentry says. “And I look at the screen and it’s all a bunch of fricking Pelicans highlights.

“They’ve got captions under the plays like, ‘Boy, this team has a lot of potential.’ There’s this play with Anthony Davis dunking and the caption says, ‘God, this guy is GOOD!'”

The whole room started rolling…

“At the end of the tape, there’s a milk carton with my picture on [it] that says, ‘Have you seen this guy? He’s been missing in action,'” he says.


Kerr had encouraged Gentry to talk to the Pelicans and go get that job. Like any good boss, he wants those under him to succeed. Even if in a few years he’s going to have trouble with Gentry’s Pelicans.

At points in these playoffs the Warriors have seemed a little tight at home, Kerr has set a tone and is trying to make sure they are loose. They will be rusty (both teams will be after that layoff), but Kerr is trying to make sure his team — which has no players with Finals experience — is not overwhelmed by the moment.