Dirk Nowitzki will play for Germany in this summer’s EuroBasket tournament


Dirk Nowitzki has been retired from international play since 2011. Most players, especially high-level NBA stars, begin sitting out those competitions as they get older. But with September’s EuroBasket tournament taking place in Berlin, Nowitzki is coming out of retirement.

Nowitzki made the announcement in a statement released on the EuroBasket website:

“I’ve chosen to be in Berlin,” the legendary German forward said to sighs of relief from everyone in attendance.

“I’ve had the whole month of May and used it to gain some distance and enjoy family time.

“Of course, I also have consulted the matter with my wife.

“But a EuroBasket in our home country is a huge thing and I look forward to it, I thought it would be a great way to conclude my national team career.”

Nowitzki added that if the tournament was being held anywhere but his home country, he wouldn’t have played. He’ll be 37 by then and is under contract for two more years with the Mavericks. But it’s a big deal that his home country is hosting the tournament, and he wants to be there for it. And we get to watch him play more, which is always a good thing.