PBT Extra with NBASavant.com: Number shows Matthew Dellavedova’s defensive value


Everybody was talking about Matthew Dellavedova during the Eastern Conference Finals. In Atlanta it was often with an adjective we will not run on this family-friendly site, after his run-ins with Kyle Korver (who had ankle surgery because of it) and Al Horford (who was thrown out of a game).

But he was on the court for David Blatt for a reason — and I don’t mean Kyrie Irving’s knee. Dellavedova brings value on the defensive end, something we help point out in this PBT Extra, with a little help. PBT has partnered with the fantastic NBASavant.com to break down the Sports VU Camera data and look more closely at the advanced stats of the NBA playoffs and what decided a series.

Dellavedova is going to have to bring that same energy to the NBA Finals for the Cavaliers to have a chance against the loaded backcourt of Golden State.