Jared Dudley on Kevin Love: ‘If you leave LeBron, there’s something’s wrong’


Kevin Love might leave the Cavaliers in free agency.

Cleveland fans, if history is any indication, wouldn’t treat him well if he does.

What would Love’s peers think?

Colin Cowherd asked Jared Dudley – whom you might remember from saying players avoid Kobe Bryant Bryant and calling Carmelo Anthony the NBA’s most overrated player – whether Love leaving would validate the perception Love cares about only money and scoring.


As players, we already know. We know that Kevin Love, his numbers are deflated to a fault. We understand when you play on a bad team and getting your guys. You heard J.J. Barea make certain comments about it.

I would say this: If you leave LeBron, there’s something’s wrong.

LeBron is the most unselfish superstar we have. You see they’re winning. You’re in the Eastern Conference.

You’re going to turn down an extra $25 million to go to L.A. because of the sun? I mean, we all love the sun. But you can buy some sun over there or a house over there and have all the sun you want.

At the end of the day, it would validate it.

I mean, you’re leaving a winner. Cleveland has the best facilities. I mean, you can go on how good it is there.

I can understand you might want your own identity. But, to be honest with you, man, he’s got to prove, hey, win one or two then opt out.

This is unfair.

Love has played out his contract, and he has the option to become a free agent and sign wherever he wants. He doesn’t need to win a championship to validate exercising that right.

Maybe Love wants to join the Lakers for the sunshine, but I doubt that’s the only reason. Even if it is, so what? Plenty of people choose their job based on its location.

I’m sure playing with LeBron James appeals to many players, probably most players. But it hasn’t exactly been heavenly for Love.

If Love wants to be a team’s No. 1 option, that’s his prerogative. That obviously can’t happen in Cleveland with LeBron.

I think Love will return to to the Cavaliers next year (after opting out). But if he moves on, I hope other players are more understanding.

In a sense, they’re all in this together. Free agency is a collectively bargained right the players have fought for. A perception players should be vilified for changing employers serves only owners.