Jared Dudley calls Carmelo Anthony the NBA’s most overrated player


Jared Dudley apparently went to the Paul Pierce school of player relations.

Not only did he say players don’t want to play with Kobe, the Bucks forward called Carmelo Anthony the NBA’s most overrated player.

Dudley, on The Herd:

The reason why I say Carmelo is because Carmelo is viewed as a top-five player. He’s viewed in the NBA as a top-five.

Carmelo, he has the talent to be able to be able to facilitate – the triangle should fit him where  he’s got to make guys better, and defensively, he’s got to take the next level up.

But Carmelo, he’s got to get out. He’s got to get out of the first/second round. He’s got to get teams to the playoffs.

LeBron, with that roster, LeBron would have gotten them to the playoffs. They would have been at least the eight seed.

1. Kobe, not Melo, is the NBA’s most overrated player.

2. Melo is overrated, but the people who still consider him a top-five player are few and far between at this point.

3. It’s unfair to compare Melo to LeBron. Not matching LeBron doesn’t make Melo overrated.

Melo is overrated because, as Dudley said, Melo doesn’t do enough to make his teammates better and doesn’t play enough defense. I still think it’s possible to build a winner with Melo, but – especially considering his salary – it’s too difficult due to his limitations. He’s not the franchise-carrying player his contract and reputation imply.