Hawks radio broadcast refers to Matthew Dellavedova as ‘Tonya Harding’


Matthew Dellavedova isn’t exactly a fan favorite in Atlanta, and evidently, those feelings are shared by the radio broadcast team, as well.

Dellavedova took out Kyle Korver by rolling onto his leg while diving for a loose ball, and was involved in a similar play a game later that caused Al Horford to retaliate, which resulted in Horford’s ejection.

The Korver play didn’t at all seem intentional; Dellavedova’s intentions during the Horford play seemed less clear.

During the Game 4 broadcast, the guys on the Hawks feed had some fun with the perception that Dellavedova was out there trying to injure players on purpose.

Timely reference … if that time was 1994.

Harding, of course, is a former Olympic figure skater who was involved in hiring someone to injure fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan, so that Kerrigan would be unable to participate against Harding in an upcoming competition.

Dellavedova didn’t quite go that far, obviously, and whether or not he intended to inflict any damage at all remains in serious doubt. But the comparison is hilarious nonetheless.

[via Larry Brown Sports]