Report: Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried prefer Nuggets trade them if Denver doesn’t make major move


Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried reportedly weren’t untouchable in trades last winter.

If it’s all the same to those two players, maybe Denver ought to just get on with it.

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders:

Sources close to the process say Lawson and Faried have kept no secret of their discontent and unless the Nuggets can pull off something major on the coaching front or make a significant trade, both have indicated they’d rather see a trade instead of sticking around for a long rebuild.

It’s hard to see the Nuggets making a big enough splash to keep Lawson and Faried happy in Denver. Interim coach Melvin Hunt is reportedly gaining ground to get the main gig, and the Nuggets lack assets – at least if they’re keeping Lawson and Faried – to make a major move.

Coming off a down season, everyone’s trade values are low – including Lawson’s and Faried’s. Denver probably doesn’t want to sell low on those two. But what’s the alternative?

Lawson hasn’t exactly hidden his discontent, and at least the Kings are interested. The Nuggets might be more inclined to trade Faried.

Denver is in a rut. If Lawson and Faried unhappy, it’ll be harder for the Nugget to escape it.