Report: Kyle Korver to have surgery on his ankle


And you wonder why the Hawks are mad at Matthew Dellavedova.

A couple games after Dellavedova crashed into his ankle, ending his playoffs, Hawks’ All-Star sharpshooter Kyle Korver told this to David Aldridge of TNT.

Korver averaged 12.1 points a game shooting 49.2 percent from three this season. He was central to the spacing and off-the-ball movement of the Hawks. In the playoffs he averaged 11.1 points per game and shot “just” 39.1 percent from three, but he was drawing a lot of defensive attention (which opened up things more for his teammates, they just didn’t take full advantage).

First, DeMarre Carroll was telling the truth. Carroll also said it was a 4-6 month recovery timeline, so we’ll go with that since he’s on a roll. That could stretch into the start of next season. But there is nothing official.

Second, this news will stir up more discussion of Dellavedova’s play.

If you want to define dirty play as having an intent to injure, then no, Dellavedova is not and was not on this play.

However, he is reckless.

Certainly he plays with energy, but there is a line between aggressive and reckless and he crosses it too often. He does it in a way that does risk the health of other players. While this pattern has been highlighted in the spotlight of the playoffs, Dellavedova had developed the reputation among teams during the season.

And with this play, Kyle Korver will go under the knife.