NBA: No Game 5 suspension for Dwight Howard, flagrant-1 for hit on Andrew Bogut stands as called


Al Horford was ejected from the Hawks’ Game 3 loss to the Cavaliers for this.

J.R. Smith was ejected and suspended two games for this.


Dwight Howard received only a flagrant-one foul, with no ejection, for this.

One of these things is not like the others, but the NBA ruled that Howard’s hit on Andrew Bogut wasn’t as severe, and therefore won’t be subjected to any additional punishment.

From Ken Berger of

The NBA’s review of Dwight Howard’s contact with Andrew Bogut concluded that it did not rise to the level of excessive because Howard was trying to free himself from a tie-up with Bogut, president of basketball operations Rod Thorn told Tuesday.

“It was a very close call as far as I’m concerned,” Thorn said. “As Bogut is holding his arm down, Howard tries to extricate his arm. He doesn’t hit him with his elbow, by the way. He hits him with the back of his hand, maybe a touch of the wrist. To me, it was unnecessary, but I didn’t think it was excessive.” …

“Having been here forever and having done this stuff for a long time, I just try to look at each situation as it comes up,” Thorn said. “Obviously, we have all of the information from everything we’ve ever done before, plus tape and video of everything we’ve done before to fall back on. As far as the name of the player, I’ve never let that enter into it.”

This was extremely similar to the hit Smith was suspended for, but evidently, the league saw it differently.

The fact that Howard will be available for Game 5 is good news for Rockets fans, but most everyone else will view the ruling as being extremely inconsistent.